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Matthews International projects an image of quality and distinction throughout hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. Ideal for a wide variety of uses, Matthews products can be designed to match any interior or exterior decor.

Cast Plaques

No other product matches the permanence and beauty of a Matthews cast bronze or aluminum plaque. A cast plaque is an exceptional means of projecting your facility's identity.


A patented process that turns any photo into a strikingly beautiful cast plaque, ImageCast™ is the perfect way to honor a noteworthy event or individual.

Etched Plaques

Dedicate the opening of a new wing or building with a record of the occasion preserved on an etched plaque. Ideal for images with fine detail or small lettering.


Make a striking impact on all those who visit your facility with cast or waterjet-cut letters. Perfect for building facades, interior and exterior signage, entranceways, and way-finding signage.

Color Signage

Ideal for physician, employee, and donor recognition; way-finding signage; and building dedications, color signage combines high-resolution imagery with the unsurpassed durability of anodized aluminum.

Awards & Trophies

Pay tribute to physicians, staff, and all those who support your organization with custom-crafted awards and trophies. 

Recognition Trees & Shapes

Matthews recognition trees and shapes allow for a wide variety of designs and deliver plenty of room to grow as names are added to your tree or shape. 

Statuary & Monuments

An unforgettable way to bring a new dimension of beauty and permanence to your healthcare facility. Options include sculpture, sculpted images, feature plaques, and silhouettes.