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Theaters, arenas, stadiums, theme parks—all of these rely on Matthews International to produce signage and recognition products that convey an unparalleled level of distinction. When image is of the utmost importance, Matthews is guaranteed to deliver.

Cast Plaques

A timeless, elegant choice for building/room identification, way-finding signage, entertainer and employee recognition, and identity promotion. Vandal-resistant and virtually maintenance-free.


Turn any photo into an unforgettable cast plaque with ImageCast™. The ideal way to showcase entertainers, noteworthy employees, historic events, new buildings, and more.

Etched Plaques

An excellent option for directional signage, building or area identifiers, identity promotion, and instructional pieces. The perfect choice for images with fine detail or small lettering.


Cast and waterjet-cut letters are ideal for building facades, interior and exterior signage, entranceways, room/area identifiers, and way-finding signage.

Color Signage

High-resolution imagery meets the unsurpassed durability of anodized aluminum. Perfect for image promotion, entertainer/employee recognition, way-finding signage, and instructional pieces.

Awards & Trophies

Pay lasting tribute to entertainers past and present, standout employees, and other notable individuals with meticulously crafted awards and trophies. 

Recognition Trees & Shapes

Recognize those worthy of public acknowledgement with this flexible, visually pleasing display option. Shapes can be designed to resemble a logo or other identifier. 

Statuary & Monuments

An unforgettable way to pay tribute to a person, event, or organization. Matthews' sculptors can turn any creative idea into a visual masterpiece that will last a lifetime.