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From shopping malls to grocery chains to specialty and department stores, retail outlets around the world rely on Matthews International to produce distinctive signage and recognition products for a variety of consumer- and employee-based needs.

Cast Plaques

An extremely versatile display option, Matthews cast bronze and aluminum plaques deliver an unrivaled level of sophistication and prestige. Vandal-resistant and virtually maintenance-free.


A patentedprocess that turns any photo into a strikingly beautiful cast plaque, ImageCast™ is the perfect way to highlight a store opening, a noteworthy employee, or a historic event.

Etched Plaques

With the ability to deliver an exact reproduction of artwork, etched plaques are ideal for way-finding signage, building or area identifiers, and instructional pieces.


Make your name sing like never before with unforgettable cast or waterjet-cut letters.Perfect for building facades, interior and exterior signage, entranceways, and way-finding signage.

Color Signage

Color signage combines high-resolution imagery with unsurpassed durability. Ideal for image promotion, employee recognition, way-finding signage, and instructional pieces.

Awards & Trophies

Create lasting tributes to standout employees and other notable individuals with beautifully crafted awards and trophies. 

Recognition Trees & Shapes

Custom-designed or your choice of an array of standard configurations. Can be created to resemble a company logo, mascot, or other identifier.  

Statuary & Monuments

An unforgettable way to create a new level of beauty and permanence. Matthews' sculptors can turn any creative idea into a visual masterpiece.