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Tree Trunks

Traditional tree trunk designs are cast in solid bronze with antique finish or silver-colored aluminum. Contemporary tree trunk designs are cut from yellow brass plate with a satin finish.

Tree Tops

All tree tops are fabricated from clear acrylic sheet. Acrylic is predrilled and tapped to accept the brass machine screws that attach the leaves to the tree top. Optional tree tops include smoked translucent acrylic in solar bronze or solar grey.


Tree leaves are die-cut from brass engraving stock with a satin grain finish. Silver-colored aluminum and copper leaves are also available. Different material colors (brass, silver, copper) can be used to designate different giving levels.


Traditional tree stones are sculpted cast bronze with a brass plate attached to the surface for engraving. Contemporary tree stones are cut from yellow brass with a brass engraving plate.

MountIng Hardware

Tree trunks are supplied with concealed threaded studs for mounting. Tree tops are supplied with machine screws and expansion sleeves for masonry walls or toggle bolts for hollow walls. Leaves and stones can be used together to acknowledge various levels of giving.