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Mounting Methods

In keeping with our turnkey approach, Matthews offers a variety of letter mounting methods. Matthews provides mounting templates at no charge!

Flush Mount with Studs

Stud Mount
Threaded studs are recommended for concealed flush mounting to solid walls. Bonding cement or silicone adhesive secures the studs within the drilled holes.

Cast letters 3" and larger are drilled and tapped for studs. Letters 1" to less than 3" are provided flat-backed for adhesive mounting, but can be drilled and tapped. Standard brass and aluminum stud lengths are 2-12" and 3".

Waterjet-cut letters 1/4" or thicker are drilled and tapped for threaded studs. For materials less than 1/4" thick, studs are spot-welded on the back. Studs are not used on material thickness of 1/16" or less. Standard welded stud length is 1-1/2".

Projected Mount with Studs & Spacers

Projected Mount with Studs & Spacers
The perfect solution for uneven wall faces such as split-face rock or corrugated metal wall surfaces. Letters are projected away from the wall with aluminum spacers. Spacers help to level the front surfaces of letters and restrict dirt, water, and ice from accumulating behind the letters. Standard spacer lengths are 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", and 1".

Back Bar Mount

Back Bar Mount
Letters are pre-mounted in the factory to an aluminum bar. Back bars are effective on an irregular surface, such as the corrugated steel fascia on prefabricated metal buildings. Bars are generally painted to match the background of the mounting surface. Machine screws or sheet metal screws secure back bars to the wall. Letters under 6" use a single-bar mount, while larger letters require a double-bar mount.