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Specialty Products

Specialty Products

If you are looking for a truly unique way of recognizing a person, event, or organization, Matthews' can turn any creative idea into a visual masterpiece.

Design Fusion Logo

Apply designs to just about any raised or recessed surface with DesignFusion by Matthews Architectural Products. This new and unique in-house finishing option bonds patterns and colors directly to the product being transformed. Adding a design to any product is a simple and effortless process.

Cast Stone

Matthews Architectural Products offers a unique line of cast stone signage. Cast stone provides the same look and feel as natural stone with an elegant and sophisticated appearance. This product provides an economical alternative to natural stone and bronze plaques. Cast stone can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.


Statuary is the ultimate way to recognize and honor a legendary individual or historic event. Statues can be created in any size and are made to the most exacting standards. Let Matthews help you create a timeless destination that will be truly unforgettable for visitors.

Recognition Trees & Shapes

Recognition trees from Matthews can be custom-designed or ordered in an array of standard configurations. Recognition shapes can be designed around specific themes or created to resemble a logo, mascot or other identifier.