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What is Matthews' manufacturing time?
For a typical cast plaque, Matthews' manufacturing time is approximately 3-5 weeks. However, if you have a dedication date, check with your representative for availability.

Is rush service available?
Expedited services are available. Please contact your customer service representative for more details.

What is ImageCast™?
ImageCast™ is a patented process that combines the beauty of cast bronze with the detailed look of photography. Uniquely personalized, ImageCast is ideal for commemorative, donor recognition, historical marker, and any other applications that need to tell a pictorial story. Click here for more information.

What is Diamond Shield®
Diamond Shield® is the best finish ever developed for cast bronze products. The result of advanced technology and years of laboratory testing, Diamond Shield provides a high-gloss appearance, improved surface coverage, and extra protection needed to withstand the harshest of environments. Diamond Shield lasts two to three times longer than powder coatings and has outperformed competing coatings in lab tests for resistance, durability, adhesion, and appearance. For all of our non-bronze products, Matthews uses industry-standard MAP finish. 

How do I install a plaque?
Click here for cast plaque installation methods or download a PDF.

How do I install letters?
Click here for letter installation methods or download a PDF.

What size plaque do I need?
Click here to download a PDF on sizing your plaque.

What kind of artwork do I need to send?
Matthews can typeset text and logos; however, if you prefer to set your type and provide artwork, please review the following information regarding accepted formats: For artwork, please use a vector graphics program to create either an AI, EPS, or PDF. For photos, please use a photo graphics program to create either a PSD, TIF, or a JPG @ 300dpi.

What kind of warranties does Matthews offer? 
Matthews warrants our products to be free from defects in craftsmanship and material for life. Our warranty on coatings is one year.

What is the status of my order?
Log in here to track your order status.

What will my plaque weigh?
Click here to download a plaque and letter weight estimator.

How do I contact my customer service representative?
You can reach your customer service representative by dialing 800-950-1317 or via fax at 866-814-4028.

How do I care for a bronze plaque?
A mild soap and water solution should be used, applied with a soft bristle brush. Use a good shoeshine brush with a wooden handle and 100% horsehair bristles. Take care to avoid hitting the surface with the wooden portion of the brush. Use plastic pails to further eliminate the possibility of damaging the surface. Do not allow solution to stay on surface too long. Rinse with slightly warm, clear water and thoroughly dry with a soft cotton cloth.

Care & Finishing

There are three ways to maintain the natural beauty of bronze plaques:

  • Periodic cleaning
  • Onsite refinishing
  • Factory refinishing

It's relatively easy to preserve the beauty of bronze plaques. They require occasional cleaning with mild soap and some water.

Care & Finishing

Even with regular cleanings, a cast bronze plaque will develop a patina that usually forms as a green color. The formation of this patina is a normal oxidizing process that creates a natural shield for the bronze. While those who appreciate fine art highly value the patina, others may prefer the original finish. For those who prefer the factory finish, the plaques can be restored through refinishing.

There are two methods of refinishing:

  • Matthews offers a resurfacing kit that allows you to refinish a 500-square-inch plaque in about two hours.
  • Plaques and cast letters can be returned to Matthews for factory refinishing. At our plant, the plaques/letters are sandblasted, sprayed with a selected background color, highlighted, and given a new protective coating. Factory refinishing usually takes two weeks.