Etched Plaque Mounting

A true start-to-finish partner, Matthews offers an array of etched plaque mounting methods:

Double-Faced Tape Double-Faced Tape
Double-faced tape is provided on request. Due to the variations in adhesives and wall surfaces, as well as the weight of etched plaques, testing is recommended before utilizing double-faced tape. Recommended for lighter-weight plaques mounted on smooth surfaces.
Stud Mount

Stud Mount
Threaded studs are recommended for concealed mounting to solid walls. Bonding cement or silicone adhesive secures the studs within the drilled holes.

If your plaque is 1/4" or thicker, the back of the plaque is drilled and tapped. If your plaque is less than 1/4", studs are spot-welded on the back of the plaque. (Studs are not recommended for plaques less than 1/16" thick.)

Silicone Mount Silicone Mount
Provided on request, silicone adhesive is an effective mounting method for etched plaques. Silicone mounting is most effective when combined with double-faced tape.
Holes Through Face Through-the-Face Mount
If requested, etched plaques can be provided with holes through the face for mechanical fasteners. Mounting hardware can also be provided on request.