b'DESIGNFUSION DESIGNFUSIONApply designs to just about any raised or recessed surface with DesignFusion by Matthews. This in-house finishing option bonds patterns and colors directly to the product being transformed. Adding a design to any product is a simple and effortless process.This product line is a contemporary option for all of your signage needs with the look and feel of a high-end finish at a fraction of the price. Transform your standard sign or letters into one that has the appearance of natural wood, stone, or any design imaginable.Not only is DesignFusion a decorative design element, but its also extremely durable. As with all of our products, a protective coating is Aluminum Reception Sign with applied to ensure that it will standDesignFusion in Burlwoodthe test of time. This finish option is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications since it wont tear,chip, or break.7.4Stone DesignFusion BackgroundPainted, Raised Letters Etched Aluminum PlaqueRecessed areas filled with Stone DesignFusion98 matthewsid.com'