b'GLASS EXPRESSIONS ADA SIGNAGEMatthews offers ADA compliant glass signage created from a single piece of glass. This option is available in clear (green) or low iron (clear) glass. Our domed Braille system generates Braille dots that meet ADA guidelines and will not fall out. The back of these signs must be painted in order to create a contrast as specified in ADA guidelines.UNPAINTED FRONTWITH AN ETCHED & PAINTED BACK1, 2, or 3+ colors5.1Low Iron GlassRectangle1/4Flat Polished Edge Etched & Painted Front with an Etched & Painted BackFRONTDID YOU KNOW?ACRYLIC ADA SIGNAGEMatthews also offers Acrylic ADA Signage.Learn more on page 70.BACKmatthewsid.com 81'