b'CAST PLAQUE SPECIFICATIONSSTANDARD EMBLEMS Choose from thousands of our standard emblems at no additional charge.Go to matthewsid.com for emblem availability or contact us at 800.950.1317for custom emblem pricing.6. CHOOSE EMBLEMS, PORTRAITS & LOGOS1.1Pricing for medallions only. For medallion on a plaque pricing, see page 33.For sizes larger than listed, please call 800-950-1317 for a quote.BAS-RELIEF IMAGECASTFLAT RELIEFFor this premium reproduction,A patented process, ImageCastAn economical alternative to a sculptors create a dimensional,creates a low-relief, dimensionalbas-relief, raised line art of the sculpted relief of the subject.image with the detailed looksubject is cast integral to the Most commonly associated withof a photograph. Ideal forplaque. Suitable for exterior and portraits, but also effective forsignage, historical markers orinterior applications. Minimum depicting buildings, seals andany application that needs to tellsize for best quality is 6 from many logos. Suitable for interiora uniquely personalized story.chin to crown. or exterior applications. MinimumSuitable for interior or exterior size for best quality cast portraitsapplications.is 6 from chin to crown.BAS-RELIEF PORTRAITS PRICE IMAGECAST MEDALLIONS PRICE FLAT RELIEF PORTRAITS PRICESingle bas-relief portrait+$2,100 Bronze up to 10 high +$550 Single portrait +$500up to 10 high up to 10 highDouble portrait +$2,800 Aluminum up to 10 high +$300 No additional charge if art is supplied.(2 people) up to 10 high16 matthewsid.com'