b'Appendix SENDING DIGITAL FILESARTWORK TERMS & CONDITIONSCustomer-supplied artwork must be process-ready without requiring manual or digital touch-up. A price for artwork adjustment or clean-up will be quoted as an additional charge. Artwork will not be returned unless arranged at the time order is placed.WE CAN CREATE ARTWORK FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEEARTWORK GUIDELINESCast PlaquesSubmit black & white only artwork in CMYK color modeBlack represents a raised area (i.e. letters) and raised borderWhite represents a recessed areaFonts/LetteringRaised text minimum height requirement is 3/8 for capital letters and 1/4 for lower case lettersRecessed text minimum height requirement is 3/4 for capital letters and 5/8 for lower case lettersRecessed letters must have a minimum .125 stroke width All recessed areas must be at least .125(if you do not want the areas filled in)Tracking or kerning should be at 100% and no less than 80%Letters within a layout should not touch linesAll thin lines must be at least 4 pointsLines close together are acceptable when using 2 to 3 pointsEtchingsDefine what images/text are raised or recessedMinimum letter size is 10 points for raised copy and 8 for recessedNote any art or text to be converted to BrailleACCEPTED FORMATSArtworkUse a vector graphics program to create and submit in .ai, .eps, .pdf or .cdr file formatInclude a PDF of the artworkPhotosUsing Photoshop to create a .psd, .tiff or .jpg file format is strongly recommendedAll images should be 300 DPIBefore Sending, Did You. Meet all criteria in the Guidelines section?Convert fonts to outlines/curves?Attach any imported graphics?Corten Steel with Cream Painted Infill Provide any color reference when applicable?'