b'IMAGECAST PLAQUESIMAGECASTLEGACY IMAGECAST PLAQUES1.3ImageCast is an innovative and patented process that combines the enduring tradition of cast bronze with the detailed look of a photograph. Imagine turning any photo into a permanent, strikingly beautiful cast bronze or aluminum plaque. Photos may fade but a cast bronze plaque will last for centuries.These plaques are perfect for personal or team tributes, historical markers or any sign that needs to tell a pictorial story. ImageCast plaques can be produced in various shapes and sizes, and color can be added to suit your needs. Let the warmth and beauty of bronze bring your photo to life in an ImageCast plaque. Legacy ImageCast ImageCast Bronze PlaqueDark Oxide Background Leatherette Texture Features distinct, separate areasSingle Line BorderDiamond Shield Coatingfor the photography and text. These areas may or may not be separated by a line or border. Medallion ImageCast Features one photoisolated from the text.Collage ImageCast Majority of the plaques background is photography with minimal text.Shown on the pages 30-31.ImageCast Aluminum PlaquePainted Black Background Leatherette TextureSingle Line Bevel Edge Diamond Shield Coating32 matthewsid.com'