b'MOST POPULARPREMIUM FINISHES1.1Pricing in addition to standard plaque pricingCHROME PLATINGRaised surfaces are highly polished. The casting is then chrome-plated for a high-end reflective appearance.Per sq. in.add $3.50Minimum of $200 Tank Size 90 x 30Weight cannot exceed 90 lbsGRANITE INFILLRecessed areas are infilled with a pulverized granite and resin mixture. Then, a high quality polished finish is applied to the entire piece.Up to 150 sq. in. add $500150-255 sq. in. add $4.10 per sq. in.256-575 sq. in. add $3.00 per sq. in.576-900 sq. in. add $1.82 per sq. in.901-1500 sq. in. add $1.40 per sq. in.Over 1500 sq. in. add $1.36 per sq. in.Any dimension that exceeds 48, call for pricingMulti-colors add 20% per colorDIGITAL PRINTINGFull-color graphics, including wood grains, can be printed in recesses and on raised elements with provided artwork.Call 800.950.1317 or email salesdesk@matw.com for quoteSquare inch printing cannot exceed 48 x 23.8Learn more on page 92.matthewsid.com 11'