b'WATERJET-CUT LETTERS SPECIFICATIONS & PRICING5. CHOOSE MOUNTING METHODStandard Hardware and TemplatesPrices include hardware, drilling and tapping and templates. Aluminum studs 2 long and spacers up to 1 are standard. Call for additional options.Stainless Steel Studs: Included in list price.STANDARD MOUNTING METHODSFlush Mount with Studs3.1 LetterRecommended for concealed flush mounting to solid walls. 3 and Stud larger are drilled and tapped for studs. Letters from 1 to under 3 are provided flat-backed for adhesive mounting, but can be drilled and tapped. Standard brass and aluminum stud lengths are 2 1 / 2and 3.Letter Projected Mount with Studs and SpacersAluminum spacers help to level the front surfaces of letters mounted to StudSpacer uneven wall surfaces and keep dirt, water and ice from accumulating behind letters.Standard spacer lengths:1 / 4 ,3 / 8 ,1 / 2 ,3 / 4and 1ADDITIONAL MOUNTING OPTIONLetter Back Bar Mount LettersMost effective on irregular wall surfaces. Pre-mounted to an Screw aluminum bar, and generally painted to match the background Back Bar of the mounting surface.Add 25% to total cost of all lettersStainless Steel LettersHigh PolishedWaterjet-CutNo Coating66 matthewsid.com'