b'CAST PLAQUE SPECIFICATIONS3.CHOOSE PLAQUE1.1 BACKGROUND COLORA. B. C.RECOMMENDED FOR BRONZEA.Dark Oxide StainB.Light Oxide StainC.Dark GreenD.Dark Bronze M-313 D. E. F.E.Medium Bronze M-312F.Light Bronze M-311G.Dark Brown M-70H.Natural Sandblast (Bronze) G. H. I.I.Golden Bronze M-40RECOMMENDED FOR ALUMINUMJ.Black K.Metallic Grey J. K. L.L.Natural Sandblast (Aluminum)M.Dark Grey M-9N.Medium Grey M-8O.Light Grey M-5M. N. O.ADDITIONAL PAINTED COLORSP.Beige M-65Q.Cream M-71R.Ivory M-58S.Dark Blue M-28 P. Q. R.T.Medium Blue M-25U.Light Blue M-20V.Maroon M-118W.Dark Red M-115 S. T. U.X.Red M-107Y.Green M-38Z.Orange M-102AA. WhiteV. W. X.Custom Colors Also AvailableCustom-matched color $110 additional (minimum) charge. Submit PMS color matching system numerical designation. Y. Z. AA.12 matthewsid.com Color swatches are intended to represent the actual painted colors asclosely as possible, however, the final color may vary slightly from this sample.'