b'abc SUBTRACT 25%!;? SUBTRACT 75% -25% FOR LOWER CASE -75% FOR PUNCTUATIONLOGOS MaterialsALSO Waterjet-cut letters can be cut from any metal sheet; AVAILABLE! see the price charts for standard sheet sizes. If you have a requirement that exceeds these sizes, or if you would like to discuss the use of an alternative metal, call Matthews at3.1800.950.1317.Letter ThicknessStandard thicknesses for all materials are: 18 ,14 , 38and12 . If you require other thicknesses, were happy to accommodate.Artwork RequirementsWe can work with any of these digital formats: TrueType font .dxf image saved inoutline form Adobe Illustrator filesaved as outlines for either Mac, PC orCorel DrawDID YOU KNOW?Matthews also offers Acrylic Cut Letters and Logos. Learn more on page 73.matthewsid.com 67'