b'4.CHOOSE GLASS EDGEPRODUCT TREATMENT ANNEALEDStandard glass without any treatments Used for glass up to 576 square inchesLAMINATEDSafety glass that stays intact even if damagedRecommended for glass over 576 square inchesFlat Polished PencilSmall bevel of widthStandard on circular not exceeding 1/16 and oval shapes MOUNTING METHODProvided hardware or double sided tape5.1Bevel Mitre BevelSurface edge of glassCut edge of glass beveled to 1/8 or morebeveled to a 45 angle OgeeAvailable on circular and oval edges fromClear GlassRectangle1/4Flat Polished Edge 3/8 to 3/4 thick glass Unpainted Recessed LettersRaised Arrowmatthewsid.com 79'