b'MOST POPULAR3.CHOOSE PROTECTIVE COATING 5.CHOOSE MOUNTING METHODProtective clear coatings are used on all metals except stainless steel and polished aluminum. PlaqueCoatings are available in the following finishes:Double-Faced Tape GLOSSstandard clear coating; high sheen DoubleProvided upon request. SEMI-GLOSSmedium sheenSided 2.1Tape SATINstandard for ADA signage; mild sheen MATTEno sheenPlaque Silicone Mount4.CHOOSE BORDER SiliconeProvided upon request.CORNERS Adhesive Recommended withA.Square Corners double-faced tape.90 is standard unless otherwise specifiedB.Radius CornersStandard radius is1/2unless otherwise specified Stud MountEDGES Plaque Recommended for concealed C.Square Edge mounting to solid walls. 90 is standard unless otherwise specified Standard length for threaded D.Bevel Edge Stud studs is 11/2. Custom lengths Standard bevel is 45 and is applied to one available.half the material thickness. Bevel edges arenot available on 1/16 thickness. Call for pricing. Back of etching is drilled and tapped if plaque is 1/4 Plaque or thicker. Studs are spot welded on the back if plaque is less than 1/4 thick. Studs Stud are not recommended on 1/16 thickness or less due to dimpling.A. B. Through The Face Mount Specify type of fastener, Plaque location and size of holes and Wood whether or not the holes must Screw be countersunk. Hardware provided upon request. Specify screw type, material, size, C. D. length, head style and finish. matthewsid.com 53'