b'CAST LETTER SPECIFICATIONSADVANTAGES OF METAL LETTERS Metal letters dont break. They wont fade like plastic letters, and they project an image of permanence and elegance that cant be matched.1. CHOOSE MATERIAL & FINISH1.5BRONZE 100% Post-Consumer ALUMINUM Aluminum AssociationMinimum of 87% Copper Alloy Designation C443.2Satin Bronze Polished Bronze Satin AluminumChrome Plated Bronze Light Oxidized Bronze Polished AluminumMedium Oxidized Bronze Dark Oxidized Bronze Painted AluminumPRISMATIC LETTERSMany cast letter styles can be converted to a prismatic face. A variety of other shapes and textures can also be applied to cast letter faces.Prismatic letters are often tied to tradition. Their quality and permanence are especially well suited to hotels, law firms and corporations.May not be appropriate for all letter styles. Not recommended for letter sizes under 1 12in height.Cast Bronze Prismatic LetterHigh Polish FinishDiamond Shield Coating36 matthewsid.com'