b'1.1ETCHINGS METALPHOTOFULL COLOR MEDALLIONSEtching process reproducesThis economical alternative usesFull color medallions are ideal artwork with fine detail and smalla photo-sensitive aluminum sheet.for adding color photos to lettering, as well as halftoneAvailable in either natural or gold- cast or etched plaques. They photographs, into metal sheets.tone aluminum. Recommendedcan additionally be used for Recommended for interior use. for extremely detailed art or olderinterpretive and wayfinding color photographs. Suitable for interiorsignage.and exterior applications.ETCHED PORTRAITS PRICE METALPHOTOPRICE FULL COLOR MEDALLIONS PRICEPortrait up to 5 x 7 +$400 Portraits up to 8 x 10 +$150 Sq. Inch $4.20Larger than 5 x 7 CALL $100 Minimum Ordermatthewsid.com 17'