b'CAST PLAQUE SPECIFICATIONS7. CHOOSE MOUNTING METHOD1.1STANDARD MOUNTING METHODSPlaqueStud MountStud Recommended for concealed mounting on brick or masonry walls.PlaqueThrough The Face MountWood Screw Cast plaques can be provided with holes through the face for mechanical fasteners. Metal or wood screws provided.RosettesPlaqueRosettes & Toggle Bolts Rosettes are shown at Toggle Bolt their approximate size Work well with hollow tile, cement blockand are included in the Rosette or drywall surface. Rosettes which coverprice of a plaque. See the machine screws are optional.additional rosette styles Anchor on page 34.1PlaqueMachine Rosettes, Machine Screws & Screw Expansion Sleeves R16Rosette Work well with brick, stone or Expansion masonry walls. Rosettes optional.SleeveR32PlaqueRosettes w/ Wood ScrewsUse for mounting plaques to Rosette wood or plaster surfaces. R74 R77Wood Screw18 matthewsid.com'